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State of the Retail Supply Chain 2017

Research highlights that ‘handling promotions effectively’ remains the retail industry’s top business issue regarding supply chain planning & execution. ‘State of the Retail Supply Chain 2017’ research study, conducted by research firm Martec International and commissioned by RELEX Solutions, provider of integrated retail & supply chain planning solutions, is published today. For the third consecutive year, the report highlights, the key business challenges and priorities for supply chain managers across the European retail industry.  

By: Relex Solutions

Key findings include:

  • 40% of retailers cited ‘handling promotions effectively’ as their main supply chain planning & execution issue
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31 Oct 2017
Automotive Supply Chains: the Coming Revolution

Automotive supply chains are facing a massive revolution that will see driverless cars, shrinking production volumes and highly customised products shaping the sector. While these developments are seemingly unconnected, they do have one thing in common—all of them will requir

Richard Hankinson
Unipart Group

30 Oct 2017
European retailers failing to meet customer expectations beyond the point of purchase

In the Age of Immediacy, where a taxi can be ordered in minutes, movies streamed in seconds and consumers can receive goods on next or same day delivery – consumer expectation is high. Despite this, the research has revealed that only half of retailers offer an express delivery option, whi


30 Oct 2017
Flexible fulfillment is more than a 2-hour delivery window

When it comes to retail delivery options, customers usually only have a few options to choose from: fast, cheap, or free. And with each of these options comes a different, but broad, scope of service. Fast service comes at a premium and isn’t always available, cheap service usually offers a ra

Guy Courtin, Vice President Industry Strategy
Infor Retail

27 Oct 2017
Playtime is over: time for retailers to get serious about Omni-channel

One of the world’s largest retail chains of Toy shops made headlines last month as the North American arm of its global operation filed for bankruptcy. While the news came as a surprise to many, the business in question did not fail because consumers had stopped buying toys. Given that


27 Oct 2017
Top 3 Supply Chain Planning Buzzwords

Marketing spin or actually making a difference? When it comes to supply chains, certain words seem to be bandied about like the ball at a championship tennis match. Back and forth, over and over, these supply chain buzzwords seem to have an endless lifespan. But are they just creative marketing s

Alexa Cheater

61 - 65 of 166

Last update 2 Feb 2018
PMI remains elevated at start of 2018
   Source: Investec Manufacturing PMI Ireland  -  IHS Markit

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The retail sector is always on the move. Whether this involves shopping centres, shops in inner city locations or at airports – trends change very quickly and the goods change just as rapidly too. To keep up with these developments, highly complex and process driven supply chains are needed. With our...

The lack of visibility in omni-channel retailing is leading to lost sales, loyalty & revenue

It is no secret that customer expectation for a consistent omni-channel retail experience continues to grow but what is the true business cost for retailers who aren’t yet joining up all the dots in their omni-c...



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Tudor Rose International is Europe’s leading export market management company specialising in building brands around the world. In business for nearly 30 years, the innovative company mastered an ambitious IT mo...

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3D printing has been used by certain industries for some time now, and more sectors are following suit. One thing is for certain: The market share of additive manufacturing will continue to grow. This white paper puts fo...

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