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The Sharing Economy is shaking up logistics (DHL Trend Research)

  • Shifting social trends are driving preference for sharing rather than owning assets, creating viable new business models
  • Digital technology gives instant access to available assets - from warehouse space to delivery vehicles - creating new on-demand services
  • Logistics providers will facilitate growth of the Sharing Economy as assets are transferred between parties more frequently
  • Sharing Economy to grow to US$335 billion by 2025

Logistics will play a major role in shaping the Sharing Economy. DHL reveals in a new Trend Report today that embracing digital platforms and business models built around sharing not owning assets presents a significant future opportunity for the logistics industry. The report, entitled 'Sharing Economy Logistics - Rethinking Logistics with access over ownership' provides insights to help understand the Sharing Economy, learn best practices in the Sharing Economy from other industries, and presents practical applications of the Sharing Economy within the logistics value chain.

"The concept of sharing is nothing new, but today people can share assets and use sharing services at the speed and scale of three billion smartphone users worldwide. Naturally this started with high-value assets like rooms and cars, but the underlying concept can be applied to almost anything now," says Matthias Heutger, Senior Vice President Strategy, Marketing & Innovation, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. "Logistics providers can really benefit from sharing their own assets, as we

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30 Oct 2017
European retailers failing to meet customer expectations beyond the point of purchase

In the Age of Immediacy, where a taxi can be ordered in minutes, movies streamed in seconds and consumers can receive goods on next or same day delivery – consumer expectation is high. Despite this, the research has revealed that only half of retailers offer an express delivery option, whi


30 Oct 2017
Flexible fulfillment is more than a 2-hour delivery window

When it comes to retail delivery options, customers usually only have a few options to choose from: fast, cheap, or free. And with each of these options comes a different, but broad, scope of service. Fast service comes at a premium and isn’t always available, cheap service usually offers a ra

Guy Courtin, Vice President Industry Strategy
Infor Retail

27 Oct 2017
Playtime is over: time for retailers to get serious about Omni-channel

One of the world’s largest retail chains of Toy shops made headlines last month as the North American arm of its global operation filed for bankruptcy. While the news came as a surprise to many, the business in question did not fail because consumers had stopped buying toys. Given that


27 Oct 2017
Top 3 Supply Chain Planning Buzzwords

Marketing spin or actually making a difference? When it comes to supply chains, certain words seem to be bandied about like the ball at a championship tennis match. Back and forth, over and over, these supply chain buzzwords seem to have an endless lifespan. But are they just creative marketing s

Alexa Cheater

25 Oct 2017
The future of fashion logistics centers on humans

Joint study conducted by DHL, the Council of Fashion Designers of America Inc.,  Accenture outlines challenges and recommendations for successful supply chains in the fashion business Flexible adaptations and agile processes required to address radical industry changes caused by digitaliza


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Last update 2 Nov 2017
New order growth remains sharp in October
   Source: Investec Manufacturing PMI Ireland  -  IHS Markit

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The retail sector is always on the move. Whether this involves shopping centres, shops in inner city locations or at airports – trends change very quickly and the goods change just as rapidly too. To keep up with these developments, highly complex and process driven supply chains are needed. With our...

MADEL - Roadmap to Industry 4.0: Planning & Scheduling in the personal & home care industry

Established in 1977 Madel Spa, is a leading Italian manufacturing company specialized in products for home & personal care. Madel’s mission is the capability to create high-quality and environmentally sustai...


Local & Regional Agenda

HOYER: Future-Proofs System for Managing Intermodal Rail, Road, and Sea Transport to Meet High Growth Potential

HOYER is an independent family enterprise that dates back to 1946, and which has become one of the world’s leading bulk-logistics providers, offering comprehensive transport services and complex logistics soluti...

Rethinking Supply in Food and Beverage

Global pressures on the food and beverage industry will only increase in coming years. More strategic supplier relationships will ensure you are ready for the changes.Amid rapidly transforming supply-and-demand pressures...

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